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Do not generally recommended for more deadly fire prevention checklist to? Avoid using extension cords. How can the hazards be fixed? Sparky is a trademarks of the NFPA. Home Fire Safety Checklist Fire Department.


Have chimneysinspected and cleaned by a professional chimney sweep. Home Fire Safety DPS Fire Marshal. Fact Sheet Home Fire Checklist. Debris can also cause fires to spread. Never leave a fire burning unattended. Make sure outlets are not warm to the touch and use covers to prevent children from touching them.


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Children of all ages must know how to call for help, unload or dismiss. Do I Live in City Limits? Home Fire Safety by Ready. Replace them away from each bedroom on. Home Fire Safety Checklist Prevention 1st.

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Cooking is not left unattended. Test smoke alarms every month. How safe is your home from fire? Write down how to fix the problems. Home-Fire-Safety-Checklist ETA Safety. Fire Prevention Checklist Town of Knightdale NC.


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