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When you sign a non-compete agreement the enforceability of the document does not depend on why you leave a company If you voluntarily leave or if you are fired you still cannot go and work for a competitor as a general rule The employer still has trade secrets that he does not want to let go to a competitor.


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Tuscaloosa Office Products and Supply, Inc. Also, as discussed above, Barnes is incorrect insofar as he asserts that this is the only potential transgression of that boundary. Alabama Rewrites Its Noncompete Statute Insights and Events.


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Hawaii considers trade secrets from alabama. Answer to NON-COMPETE AGREEMENTS IN ALABAMA FLORIDA SOUTH CAROLINA AND TENNESSEE Jennifer A Adler Robins Kaplan Miller Ciresi. Restraints of one year or less are presumed to be reasonable. If you need to change jobs to advance your career you may need to consider doing it in a way that does not violate your Noncompete Agreement such as by moving to another region or changing industries.


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